ellekaer 3

The two double rooms with single beds in the original farmhouse have access to shared toilet and bathroom facilities. In this section the guests are also welcome to use the front terrace and enjoy the morning sun. The refurbished section have three double rooms with separate single beds, shared toilet and bathroom facilities as well as access to kitchen/dining and lounge area.


ellekaer 1    Ellekaer Extension entrance 1    Ellekaer Entrance View 1    Ellekaer Extension Dining area 1    Ellekaer Extension Kitchen Dining area 1    Ellekaer Dining Area 1 1   Ellekaer Bathroom 1    Ellekaer Extension Room 2 view 1    Ellekaer Room 3 1    Ellekaer Room 5 1    Ellekaer Room 5 seating Area 1    Ellekaer Parking Area 1    ellekaer 20